UpBoards GmbH is a company of BOXS AG, specialized in the production and distribution of recycled panels of all kinds.  UpBoards GmbH promotes the sustainable use of our resources through upcycling and thus contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and greenhouse gases.

Circular economy

What is a Stormboard?

Odoo CMS – Beispielbild variabel

Stormboard are all-purpose panels made from 100% recycled plastic waste. They are manufactured according to a patented manufacturing process in which different types of plastic waste are crushed and pressed into a mould to form a robust plate.

The all-purpose panels are durable, weatherproof, waterproof, easy to clean (also for graffiti) and recyclable. They contain no resins or adhesives. Stormboards have similar processing possibilities to wooden boards.

Used boards can be returned, recycled and reused for the production of new boards. A closed cycle for 100% sustainability!


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Information per panel

Odoo CMS – Beispielbild variabel

Stormboard Outdoor
Nominal thickness:         19 mm
Size:                                          2471 x 1235 mm
Weight :                                  approx 30 kg
Colour:                                     black or green speckled
Other colours on request (depending on quantity)

Cutting: We gladly cut your panels to the desired format.

Download specification (German only)


Odoo CMS – Beispielbild variabel

Stormboard Indoor
Nominal thickness:         19 mm
Size:                                          2506 x 1258 mm
Weight :                                 approx. 30 kg
Colour:                                   black
Other colours on request (depending on quantity)

Cutting: We gladly cut your panels to the desired format.
Download specification (German only)

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Contact us: info@upboards.ch

Waste in Switzerland - Promoting sustainability
Circular economy

Both the EU and Switzerland want to significantly reduce the production and consumption of plastic products by 2030 and promote recycling more strongly. Switzerland produces about 3 times more plastic waste than the European average. Reuse through upcycling can save a large amount of CO2 compared with incineration and at the same time create jobs in Switzerland.

The return of plastic waste to a closed circular economy eliminates the export of waste (e.g. to China), and the worldwide mountains of waste can be reduced both on land and at sea.

As a young company, we support the improvement of our environment and turn ideas into action. Our resources are not infinite, let us use the existing possibilities!

Join us on the path to the sustainable use of recycled building materials! 

BOXS Light

BOXS uses the Stormboards for flexible accommodation, made of plastic waste, for people in need:

A sustainable reuse of plastic to reduce housing shortages and jobs in developing countries. 

Mit jedem Stormboard sparen Sie gleich viel CO2, wie ein Auto auf 500 km* verursacht.


*corresponds to the value of unburned plastic

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