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Rooms for social interactions

Everyday working life is becoming more and more turbulent and hectic. The increasing digitalisation increases the pressure on the employees, constant availability and work after work are no longer a rarity. According to the latest studies, 40% of absenteeism is due to mental illness. This presents companies with new challenges. And it makes providers of leisure activities and clubs responsible. Here, however, the financial resources for construction projects are rather limited and the infrastructures are often doubly occupied.

Offer compensation

BOXS offers the optimum solution from this point of view with its modular, easy to assemble and flexible system: the rooms can be fitted into any existing floor plan - always exactly where they are needed.
From the concept to the turnkey solution, we take over your project as general contractor - and build your new clubhouse, cloakroom, office, sports equipment store or massage room within a few weeks. 

Creating a positive image

Rooms for social interaction promote work-life balance. This contributes significantly to the satisfaction and motivation of the employees and promotes the company's image.

Leisure providers and clubs benefit from rapidly expandable infrastructures that do not have to be expensive. The room module is flexibly designed to meet the specific needs of athletes, guests and fans. BOXS also makes clever use of space constraints.

With BOXS you build leisure and meeting spaces that inspire, motivate and balance:

  • Common rooms and clubhouses

  • Canteens and foodcorner

  • Fitness, sports rooms and cloakrooms

  • Playroom

  • Relaxation room

  • Smoking room