Ideal dimensions

Freely selectable area and height dimensions according to available space conditions

Optimal properties

Noise reduction or isolation of
high foreign matter development

Maximum mobility

Obstacle-free construction in difficult to
reach or confined spaces

Stay flexible

Companies are constantly changing and have to react quickly to changing market developments. While warehouses and production halls strive for optimal capacity utilization and a high degree of flexibility is required, space conditions on construction sites in cities are usually one thing above all else - scarce. This applies not only to storage space, but also to construction offices, service and quality checkpoints and workshops.

Room as required

Thanks to the maximum freedom of action in the choice of base area, there are no limits to the use of BOXS. Due to the reusability of the modules, assembly and disassembly as well as numerous changes of location are possible. Various extensions and applications adapt the system to the functional environment. 

Temporary solutions

BOXS quickly supplies additional storage capacities for seasonal peaks or separates workshops with high noise or foreign material development for

  • Workspaces and offices
  • Various (insulated) storage options
  • Maintenance and repair workshops
  • Extensions