Houses made of recycled plastic waste


Sustainable reuse of plastic waste to reduce housing shortages and create new job opportunities in developing countries


  • Provision of room solutions for people in developing countries and crisis areas (primarily in refugee camps)

  • Improvement of living conditions in refugee camps

  • Presentation of a concrete product from recycled plastic waste to promote sustainability

  • Creation of production facilities on site and use of local materials


  • Hochschule Luzern (HSLU), Luzern

  • High Tech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ), Brugg

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BOXS Light: The System

  • A lightweight construction system built from constructed from recycled plastic sheets which are made from plastic waste

  • Modular houses of different sizes, can be adjusted  for various needs and requirements

  • The assembly does not require any tools and can be accomplished in a short time (1-2 days).

  • Easy transportation  to various - even difficult to access - locations

  • Weather-resistant, safe and suitable for long-term use (up to 20 years)

  • Can be made from local materials and using local production.

Building envelope made of 100% plastic waste

The pollution problem is so ubiqutous that plastic can be found everywhere. The development of BOXS Light includes the use of plastic waste for the construction of its building envelope. Thus, the system not only provides adequate and safe shelter for people in need, but it also contributes to the improvement of the environment by combating plastic pollution and promoting recycling.

UpBoards GmbH is a subsidiary of BOXS AG that specializes in manufacturing and selling such panels made from recycled plastic waste.

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Applications of BOXS Light

The BOXS Light is suitable in many ways to improve living conditions in refugee camps. In cooperation with various humanitarian organisations we offer the following concepts:

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Safe spaces

A retreat for vulnerable people:

  • People who have endured traumatic events

  • Pregnant women and mothers with newborns

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Education / Playgrounds

Educational institutions and childcare:

  • Schools

  • Free play

  • Kindergarten

  • Nursery

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Medical care and education:

  • Basic health care service / Vaccination room

  • Outpatient treatment / Emergenciy services

  • Preventive healthcare

  • Medical advice and assistance

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Infrastructure for supply and distribution:

  • Pop-up stores / Shopping

  • Distribution points

  • Kiosks

  • Storage

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Gathering places

Information and event venues:

  • Meeting / Assembly point

  • Workout rooms

  • Leisure space

  • Room for religious ceremonies 

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Reconstruction / Returnees

Accommodations / Temporary arrangements:

  • Temporary housing estates during the reconstruction of destroyed cities and private homes

Contact person

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Raphael Markstaller

CEO & Head Projects

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