Individual materialization

Wide range of materials for
individual expansion possibilities

Intelligent technology

Digital control techniques for
indoor and outdoor use

Concept design

Customer-oriented solution development and turnkey handover

Building can be that simple!

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Living made to measure

Population growth, immigration and the densification of urban centres are leading to increasingly complex requirements and higher costs in spatial planning. Cantons and cities, but also associations, larger institutes and private investors, are thus faced with new challenges - whether it concerns temporary use projects, asylum accommodation or student halls of residence. Complex tenders, complex space requirements and long decision-making processes make the rapid provision of living space a mammoth project.

Independence through flexibility

The flexible system from BOXS offers the optimal solution in this context. Thanks to the reusability of the modules, there are no limits to assembly and dismantling as well as numerous relocations - the rooms can be adapted immediately to changing requirements and thus offer customers with specific needs the flexibility they need. And all this with the shortest planning processes and fast implementation.

Solutions to meet your needs

In addition to the BOXShelter P8 and P16, the fully equipped system solutions for social living space, BOXS offers the design, planning and manufacture of tailor-made solutions for 

  • Tiny Houses
  • Innovative residential pavilions
  • Dormitories
  • Asylum and refugee shelters
  • Shelters for the homeless