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1. September 2017: kommunalmagazin

Mehr Raum für Gemeinden

Sommer ist Ferienzeit. Das stimmt, aber nur zum Teil: Zehntausende Flüchtlinge nutzen die warmen Monate um ihre vom Krieg oder Armut gezeichneten Länder zu verlassen.

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12th of April 2017:

A building set for accommodations for people in need

The canton Aargau has built an accommodation for asylum seekers in the former A3 Werkhof in Frick.

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3. März 2017: Aargauer Zeitung

Asylum seekers move to the "BOXS"

Container village: a start-up from the Kanton Aargau has invented a lightweight system that is used for the first time in Frick.

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21st of October 2016: Aargauer Zeitung

Podium and a pilot project in Greece

IN the last three years, the founder of BOXS AG have developed their "BOXShelter".

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30th of September 2016: Aargauer Zeitung

Neither container nor tent

BOXS AG: a young company has developed accommodations for crisis areas that could be set up in Switzerland.

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25th of August 2016:

Swiss start-up launches innovative refugee accommodation 

BOXShelter combines the best elements of containers and tents. It can be  used for refugee and evacuation camps but also for offices, schools and storage... 

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4. Juli 2016: Sunshine Radio

Interview about BOXS AG in Sunshine Radio

AT the Lucerne Festival 2016, BOXS presented in cooperation with Sunshine Radio the backstage for well-known artists such as Rival Kings, Nickless, Mimiks, DJ Robin Tune, Sinplus and DJ Zsu Zsu.


20th of April 2016:

Refugee container on the "Wolf": savings of millions
could be possible

The start-up company BOXS AG could build the planned Basel refugee settlement several millions francs cheaper...

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