Socially motivated, entrepreneurially implemented

After the outbreak of war of 2011, the socially responsible idea of improving the lives of those affected started to grow within our team. In 2013, spurred from the resentment about continuous lack of conditions within the refugee camps in Syria we started working on our initial prototypes. It drove us the fact that although the available tents met the emergency nature of the situation, they failed to provide a decent home for those who might have to stay in them for years.

10th of March 2017
First order: cantonal accommodation for asylum seekers

In collaboration with the departement for health an social affairs of the canton Aargau, the BOXS-Team realised two indoor recreation rooms sized 140m2 for 180 people in the Werkhof A3 in Frick (AG).

The cantonal accommodation for asylum seekers is in operation since April

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21st of October 2016
SwissUpStart Challenge: 2nd place

This day is going down in history: BOXS came second at the Jungunternehmerpreis der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW in the category "Economy".

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25th of June 2016
BOXStars at the Lucerne Festival

Exclusiv backstage area for singers, songwriters and bands: in cooperation with Sunshine Radio, the local radio station in Lucerne, BOXS accommodated a great line-up including Rival Kings, Nickless, Mimiks, DJ Robin Tune, Sinplus and DJ Zsu Zsu.

As it was raining cats and dogs, the stars and VIP's stayed dry in the BOXS

29th of January 2016
Founding BOXS AG

The company BOXS AG is founded.

The four founders Raphael Markstaller, Yannick Tuch, João Almeida and Andreas Liniger, started BOXS AG and take over their mandates at the Board.

8th of March 2015
Crowdfunding & presentation

Innovative ideas need innovative ways.

The team requires borrowed capital to bring the product to commercial viability. With an international crowdfunding campaign BOXS advertises the project and finances a further step in its development.

A beautiful spring day accompanied the first contact of BOXS with the population of Aarau. The interesting and critical discussion we had reinforced the belief of the team in the social body of thoughtof our original idea.

13th of December 2014
Prototype 0.5

The development of the new prototype has lasted almost an entire year.

The new system with a monoblock as its basic support element has also proven itself in terms of modularity. The development of the pent roof creates the conditions for solar systems, water collection and ventilation.

A milestone is done!

20th of December 2013
Prototype 0.0

The assembly of the first POX!

It looks more like a large doghouse, but similar to, thanks to the door opening of a hotel.

Outdoor testing in wind and weather: the floor construction is unsatisfactory under construction. The roof is leaking.

4th of September 2013
Projekt "POX"

Derrived from the main component "panel" and "box", the project is named POX.

Development: Floor construction and T-profiles for the panels meet the requirements. Paid for by the team, the material for the first prototype is purchased. The processing of raw materials into the finished product starts immediately.

Both craftsmen and office lists swing the hammers and cutters. The first finished parts stack up and wait for the big day of the assembly.

18th of July 2013
In Syria, civil war rages 

2.6 million Syrians have fled the country. 9 million Syrians are on the run within Syria.

The refugee camps in the affected areas are bursting at the seams. The hygienic conditions are precarious.

Although the available tents meet the spontaneous help of the situation, they offer only meager protection from heat and wind.

For more information about the system check our prospect as  PDF Download

PDF Download