Work and storage rooms


Optimal flexibility through modularity

BOXStorage addresses your seasonal demand peaks by allowing the quick deployment of additional storage capacity or separated workshops with high noise or contaminant isolation. Various extensions and modifications allow us to adjust the system to the meet the requirements of your environment. Thanks to the modular design, all the available space can be optimally utilized.

Power connectors

External and internal connections

Reinforced floor construction

Higher loads

Ceiling height and door width

Extended wall elements and larger doors


Smart workspaces right within the action

Short walking distances for employees

When space becomes cramped in production, BOXSmart-Office ist the custom-made indoor office-solution. The mobile space system offers the best material characteristics and precise workmanship. Thanks to it's modular options, the available space can be optimally utilized. The light weight of each component allows for the creation of new rooms, even in hard-to-reach locations.  

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